1. Rising interest rates. an ongoing theme with the US Fed gradually lifting rates up and another small handful of rate hikes still to come in 2018. Theme: How to position for rising interest rates
  2. Trade wars. These are “good, and easy to win” or so I’ve been told. How to position your portfolio in case a tit-for-tat trade war breaks out between China, the US and the EU? Theme: how to invest for trade wars
  3. Stagflation. It didn’t take economist long to move their attention from deflation to stagflation. How to invest if fiscal stimulus, tariffs and an economy that is at full employment move together to create a recessionary environment with high inflation? How to invest for stagflation


  1. Market crash. We’ve been in a bull market for so long that many of us can’t remember the last proper crash. We are due for one. How should you position your portfolio? Theme: how to invest for the next market crash
  2. High yield and low volatility. High yield and low volatility is probably the holy grail of investing. Learn how to construct a portfolio that achieves exactly that. Constructing a high yielding low volatility portfolio
  3. Late cycle. Investing at the end of the business cycle is not for the weak and nervous. Markets could turn down at any point. Where can you invest in order to still get decent returns? Late cycle investing: where to put your money at the tail end of the expansion


  1. Brexit. The exit of the UK from the EU is happening in March 2019. If that will be a smooth transition there’s not much to worry about, but what if it is a hard Brexit? Theme: How to invest for Brexit
  2. Post Trump administration. At some point the Trump administration will end. When he started the Trump reflation trade boosted markets significantly, but what happens when he steps off the stage? That could be quite a long time down the line or it could come soon. After Donald Trump Leaves: Investing in a Post Trump World
  3. Dawn of Eurasia. As Bruno Maçães describes in his excellent book with the same title, the new world order is increasingly likely to be a Eurasian one. Countries on the continent and in particular along China’s new silk road should stand to benefit. Investing to benefit from the dawn of Eurasia


  1. Robotics and automation. Robots and artificial intelligence are predicted to slowly rake over our daily lives. How should you invest to benefit from that trend? Theme: how to invest in robotics and automation
  2. Batteries. Batteries go in everything, but moving on from the Lithium-Ion standard has been a frustratingly slow process. Once that does happen though, investing in it is likely to prove a lucrative business. How to invest in the battery revolution
  3. Blockchain. Essentially, a blockchain is a decentralised and distributed public transaction ledger in which records in which records of who owns what are continuously updated. Anyone with an internet connection can see what transactions were done and who holds what. Some think it will revolutionise many things.
  4. Self-driving cars. Everybody can envision the future of automobiles. But how do we make it a reality? The one thing that is clear is that the car industry will change, see how you can profit from it.
  5. Fintech. Disruptive technology used to provide banking or financial services. No more waiting in line at the local bank, just download an app and get going. See how you can invest in Fintech.
  6. Space race. The space race seems to have died down a bit after the fall of the iron curtain. But humanity’s drive to get out there is still there. There are ways to profit from it.
  7. Cybersecurity. More and more parts of our lives are getting hooked up to the internet. Governments are building full-fledged cyber armies and digital crime is on the rise everywhere. Cybersecurity as an investment theme


  1. Global travel and tourism. The surge in tourists from China shows what is in store for the global travel industry as emerging markets climb up. At the same time experienced travelers want new and different experiences. Here is how to benefit with your investments. Theme: how to invest in travel and tourism
  2. Healthcare Innovation. We are getting older and richer. What is one of the key things that this inevitable trend brings along with it? That’s right, spending on healthcare. Here’s how you can profit. Investing in healthcare innovation with an ETF portfolio
  3. Urbanisation. By 2050 two-thirds of the world population will live in cities. That will require spending on housing, real estate, materials and so on. Here’s how to invest for it. The city is rising: how to invest in global urbanisation
  4. Millennials. Social media, health and wellness, online services. Millennials spend differently. How to invest in Millennials and profit from their increasing economic footprint.


  1. Water scarcity. by 2030 demand for water could outstrip supply by some 40%. Learn here how to invest for this trend and make your portfolio benefit. Theme: water scarcity
  2. Modern agriculture. Arable land scarce, the global population is growing and caloric intakes are set to rise. How can you profit from the introduction of robots, drones and AI on the fields? 5 reasons to invest in agriculture
  3. Clean energy. By 2040 some 40% of the world’s energy will be produced from renewable resources. Invest for it today to profit from that trend. Investing in clean energy to profit from an unstoppable trend


  1. Frontier markets. Emerging markets have been all the hype for the longest. And while they will continue to deliver good returns, there’s a new kid on the block. Frontier markets are the future emerging markets. Why not enter now and beat everybody else to them? How to invest in frontier markets: a 5 ETF example
  2. Emerging marketsFrontier markets older brother. Larger, more established and more liquid markets like the BRICs that are working hard to improve things for their populations. Here’s how to invest in emerging markets