The following are some of the high quality blogs and websites that I like to browse through on a regular basis. They range from personal finance blogs to staple financial and economic news websites. If you’ve got any good additions, shoot me a note (About > Contact above).

  • Harvest – Harvest provides a single destination to find actionable insight published by the world’s top investment firms, from pro investors to pro investors
  • My 15 Hour Workweek – On achieving, well, a 15 hour workweek. Inspiring
  • Motley Fool – A bit too sensationalist for my liking, but they’ve got some good food for thought occasionally
  • Financial Samurai – Decent articles about money
  • Stockopedia – Decent stock screening methodology though pricey
  • The Simple Dollar – Probably the best personal finance blog around
  • Greg Mankiw’s blog – Random observations on economics
  • 20 Something Finance – One of those sites that writes about everything and anything finance related, but in a good way
  • MoneyNing – Covering pretty much the whole personal finance spectrum from saving to investing to frugality and so on
  • Talk Markets – Observations on financial markets that are right up my ally
  • Yahoo Finance – Nuff said
  • Sharesight – In my opinion the best portfolio and investment tracker around, I use the premium version for my own investments
  • The Street – Of Jim Cramer fame, who I can take in tiny doses
  • Economist – During weekdays I read my Bloomberg, in the weekend my Economist. I think I could almost survive only on the latter, almost. Class
  • Bloomberg – I get my fix through the terminal, but many of their better articles show up here anyway
  • Seeking Alpha – Great user contributed piece on stocks and the market as a whole
  • Investopedia – Let me tell you, us pros browse this site too
  • Oblivious Investor – “Simple, low maintenance investing”. I like.